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Save a quick $100 by Friday

Saving money can be one of the most rewarding feats you'll experience. There's just something special about outsmarting and outwitting your pocketbook. Here I'll list a few quick tips to help you save some cash by Friday.

1. Actually putting money into a savings account.

It's really easy to mix up what was supposed to be saved, and what is just liquid cash. One way to avoid this is to have a set savings amount subtracted from your checking and deposited directly into your savings account. Nowadays there aren't many processes that aren't automated, so this should be fairly easy to setup with your bank.

2. Stop spending!

Ok, this is a no brainer, but sometimes we need to hear it. Just stop spending those precious little nickels and dimes. Ask yourself before your next purchase it it's really needed. If it's just a want, it's not important right now, and saving your precious little pennies matters most.

3. Designate a time for spending.

Try to designate a time that you will buy that new pair of shoes, or that new blue ray movie. Try to associate it with a savings event. For example use it as a reward for making it through a month of saving. If you can make it to your designated spending day, make sure to withdraw the money that you want to spend in cash. Don't use your check card. This will allow you go over. Take the cash, and hit the town you deserve it!