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Get $33 Bucks Free!!

Premier Visa has a giveaway going on that guarantees approval for everyone (can't beat that lol) and gives $33 just for depositing $50 on 3 different occassions.  Rules state:

Get $33 back when you use your Vision Visa® Prepaid Card!

Vision Visa® Prepaid is proud to introduce our Take 3 Giveaway!

How It Works

Deposit at least $50.00 onto your Vision Visa® Prepaid card three times for three consecutive months and we will add $33 to your account. You can load the cash at a store or with Direct Deposit. It's that simple.

Tax Refunds Count, Too

Tax season is the perfect time to take advantage of our Take 3, offering you a great way to make the most of your tax refund.


After you have loaded the three installments of $50.00 or more for three consecutive months, send in the mail-in rebate form and your $33 will be loaded into your account! For a printable version of the mail-in rebate form